What kind of position does mold development occupy in modern machinery manufacturing industry
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Today, Ningguang mould editor and his friends briefly talk about the position of mold development in modern machinery manufacturing industry. I think all of my friends are very clear about the role of mold. Here, I will talk about the role of mold development and extend the topic of its status. The content is as follows:

In the mechanical manufacturing industry of modern mold development, mold production has become a very important industry in the national economy. The development and production of many new products largely depend on the formal manufacturing technology, especially in automobile, light industry, electronics, aerospace and other industries, Mold technology also involves interdisciplinary. As a high value-added and technology intensive product, mould has become one of the main indicators to measure the production level of a country. Therefore, with the passage of time, manufacturing has rapidly promoted many advanced mold manufacturing technology.

Mold development and processing manufacturer's surface engineering technology is a form of modification of solid metal or non-metallic surface, chemical composition and structure, to achieve the system surface performance necessary technology, mold surface change production process, using plasma, laser, electron beam, high-density solar energy and other methods, to achieve surface change by ion implantation. Surface coating technology refers to the use of surface engineering methods, in the product pretreatment of various special characteristics of the coating, with a very small amount of materials can create a large number of expensive total materials, can play or difficult to play, and greatly reduce the processing of the workpiece. The main characteristics of mold development are very useful, such as thermal spraying, electric spark coating, plastic powder coating, vacuum evaporation, crackling coating, ion chromium plating, chemical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, ion beam synthesis thin mold technology and composite surface technology. Two or more coating methods are applied to the processing of the same subject, It can not only play a wide range of surface treatment technology in their own performance, but also show the excellent effect of comprehensive application.

Mold development mainly uses chemical surface treatment, surface treatment heat treatment and surface chemical heat treatment composite strength treatment, heat treatment and surface deformation strengthening composite treatment, coating and heat treatment composite treatment, clothing and surface metallurgy composite treatment, ion assisted coating, laser, electron beam composite vapor precipitation, composite coating and ion implantation, Composite surface modification by vapor deposition.
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