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SMC, BMC mold production process, there is a problem is very important, but also very easy to deal with, that is, flash processing. Next, Ningguang mold of the small series to briefly talk about, before there has been a focus on the introduction. Today, I just want to remind you. The content is as follows.

Our company has many presses, 500 tons, 800 tons, 1500 tons, 2000 tons, which can meet the needs of mold test and production of various sizes. Not only to provide customers with high-quality molds, but also to provide later product production.

Because SMC is a kind of sheet molding compound, it is a kind of mixed polymer resin. There are many glass fibers, minerals and fillers in the raw materials. BMC is a mixture of agglomerated thermosetting plastic resin. Because of its short fiber, the fluidity of BMC is slightly better than that of SMC. The advantage of this material over metal is that it can be customized according to the needs of processing and end customers.

In the production process of SMC and BMC products, the laying method of raw materials is also very important. According to the structure of the product, the fluidity of the raw material and the welding position should be considered to adjust the cutting method, size and weight of the raw material. Improper paving will lead to product defects, cracks and other issues.

All SMC or BMC products have a flash cleaning process. If the mold is of high quality, the flash will be very thin and the cleaning process is very simple. The flash cleaning process can be operated automatically or manually.

Conclusion: no matter any mold production process, more or less there will be a little problem, the problem is not terrible, as long as to solve. For SMC mold flash processing is here. Ningguang molding company strictly controls the production process of products, and each link is tracked by professionals to ensure that problems are found and solved as soon as possible. Safe production, efficient production, mutual benefit and win-win! Want to know more about the mold manufacturing information, please collect this site, pay attention to the update of this site in time.
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